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2010 Sept News


Fall 2010: Children and Youth
And we’re back!
Creation: That’s this year’s theme. The young people participate in creation everyday, growing!, and we run hard to keep up and serve them as we’ve promised in the Baptismal covenant: to do all in our power to support these young people in their life in Christ.
So, the children begin the fall creating Creation cards to use at Easter Vigil; and the teens creating a timeline to map the movement of our great stories through the Old and New Testaments.
This is an intentional break from our usual fidelity to the Lectionary. As this class of middle schoolers hit their teen years, we want to give them a stronger sense of the Bible and underscore all the children’s connection to the larger story of Creation, Covenant, New Covenant and Resurrection.
We also want to create a structure than can acknowledge – and benefit from – the rhythm of attendance. It’s true that not all children come each week. But rather than bemoan the fact, we’re trying to schedule so that those who can come less frequently continue to be welcomed and truly involved in our young worship community.
We’ll use Youth Sunday, the Fourth Sunday, as a vehicle, bringing in acolyte trainees with our great senior acolytes Peter and Zoë. This will be an excellent time for grandparents, folks from out-of-town, or those who have to juggle Sunday work schedules to bring the 7-10 year-olds for training and to serve at the altar. It’s a special experience, and one that we want to share widely with cousins, grandchildren, and once-a-monthers.
We will work among our families to connect to the new Saturday evening service, planning occasional events especially for families, with childcare and directed play-learning while adults worship and fellowship. More about that after the vestry retreat.
I am also searching actively for a Church School co-leader: parent or not, single, married, any age. Parola Chery has been an extraordinary co-teacher, and we all thank her. (Witness her reclaiming of the Sunday School upstairs loft!) In addition, we need a parishioner who will commit to helping me oversee this process, which is at its deepest core, profoundly joyful and repaying.
Fall 2010: Children and Youth
September 12: We’re back!
September 19: Sowing and reaping. We’ll harvest basil from seeds planted at Eastertide; make pesto
September 26: Youth Sunday (Parent readers)
October 2: Saturday, Acolyte festival,
          Washington, D.C., 10 a.m.;
          Leave Good shepherd 5:45 a.m.
October 24: Youth Sunday

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